The Truth About Lies

-How Admitting Nothing can cost you everything

Do you feel like the world lacks honesty and sometimes hides the truth. We see it everyday in the news, on social media and the people we meet. Friends, business associates, family and perfect strangers seem to bend the truth to improve their social status, make more money, and be the perceived leader in their social groups. In the end a lot of people are left trying to figure out who they can trust. You want to be accepted, you want to feel connected, part of the group but you can’t understand why it is not working. The fallout is stress, frustration and sometimes social isolation as you try to navigate a never ending storm of misinformation.

To succeed you need balance, you need to find out who you are, you need to go back through your life and look at the experiences that shaped you. The Truth About Lies takes you on one persons journey to finding himself by facing all of his faults and mistakes. It provides practical lessons to develop habits that will lead to honest direct communication improving your relationships and leading to calm and balance in your life. Showing you how to get further ahead in your career while reducing stress in your life.

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  • Communication and Relationship Coach that is IWA Certified helping hundreds of people create powerful change in their lives
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  • Powerful speaker that shows groups and individuals how to come back from rock bottom and build success
  • Entrepreneur for over two decades that has built 10 Million dollar businesses from the ground up
  • Expert in direct honest communication that puts individuals and businesses on the true path

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