Rocky Romanella continues to have a successful career as a leader and thought leader into what it takes to be successful in business and as a person. Take a listen to his insights on why you’re reputation matters and what you need to do to protect it. He is a wise and knowledgeable man, and I think we can all learn from his experiences.

Rocky Romanella is the Founder and CEO of 3SIXTY Management Services, LLC, and a management consulting firm specializing in Keynote Speaking, Leadership Development, and Consulting Services. With over 40 years of “boots on the ground” leadership experience, Rocky creates excitement through his energy, passion, and knowledge. He will connect with your audience, regardless of size, in a one to one conversational style. Rocky will paint a picture through his unique storytelling as he delivers his Keynote Speech. Through his Balanced Leadership Model, there is a laser focus on customer needs, employee empowerment and the demands of shareholders.


“Do not let your highs get too high and your lows get too low.”

Rocky Romanella

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Topics Covered

07:13 – Importance of having individuals who will be your sounding board, people that are not afraid to be square with you, correct you without offense and resentment

10:00 – The past is present: the impact of your childhood experiences on how you are as a leader

12:40 – Leadership lessons from Wells Fargo, how the leaders took advantage of the employees’ strength to commit fraud, and how these employees will rebuild their tarnished reputation

15:19 – Leadership is all about alignment, why should companies and employees have shared values?

23:37 – Taking inventory of your life as an effective leader who creates a culture of excellence that manifests itself in the daily actions and ultimately defines the brand.

24:21 – The ‘three times/phases in your career’ and how to go through each phase according to Rocky Romanella

29:43 – Mistakes leaders do when giving sanctions

35:50 – Your leadership legacy statement and the benefits of creating a leadership legacy

41:46 –The legendary Joe Scafone plays an important role in helping Rocky explain the importance of not stopping at the first right answer and how we challenge people to push past the first right answer




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