Michelle Garcia is formerly an incarcerated woman convicted for financial crime. She’s one who finds re-entry into society is much harder than staying in prison. She now works for Anti-Recidivism Coalition, a support network for formerly incarcerated people.

Take time to hear from this 51-year old mother who experienced the struggles and the loopholes in the criminal justice system during the six-year term that she served prison. Take it from her as she relates the incompassionate and inconsiderate practices the system has for those seriously trying to rebuild their lives. At the same time, listen up to this episode to hear more of the programs and opportunities for ex-offenders that make sense and help them find back meaning in life, and thus help them reintegrate well into society.


“We’re humans, a lot of us want to come out and, and do good. Not everybody who goes and sent to the prison system wants to come out and be better. I realized that I acknowledge that, but my focus is on those of us who do want to learn from it, who want to go and get back and you know, make a better life for ourselves and our families and our victims.”

– Michelle Garcia



Topics Covered:

00:59 – Michelle’s thoughts on the criminal justice system from what she experienced

02:48 – Describing her life as a parolee

07:35 – The struggles she went through paying her restitution

13:22 – The efforts of re-entry back to society

14:56 – Talking about being a firefighter trainer

18:36 – Relating the ironies that the firefighter’s program brings

20:47 – Talking about the struggles and  employment opportunities for ex-incarcerated persons


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