Everyone Deserves a Second Chance But Does Society Pick and Choose Who They Will Forgive?

Paul Gibbons is a former investment banker, consultant, and CEO. Today, his writing, speaking, and scholarship focuses on how science and philosophy can provide practical solutions to the problems we face in the 21st century.

In this episode, Paul and Gregory Paul interview each other. As they dive deep and the topic of truth, their past stories, Greg being a former felon and Paul as a former alcoholic-drug user. Hear their no holds bar story as they share each other’s truths.


The emotional and social support from people that have been down and gone the same path as you is priceless.”

 –Paul Gibbons



01:02 – All about Paul Gibbons, his early years and professional career, his battle with alcohol and controlled substances, and the ‘unemployable stage’ of his life.

07:29 – Paul Gibbons’ thoughts about white collar crimes, redemption and second chances for incarcerated people

09:00 – Importance of a community as a support system

11:15 – Greg shares the situation of inmates inside the facilities, the lack of structure that hinders them, unless programs for them in case they transition back to the normal life

14:01 – Why Greg think that the prison system is designed to help people to keep coming back

14:46 – all about Tethered by Letters | Literary publisher and resource for writers

15:32 – The power and impact of a self-help community according to Paul Gibbons, his recovery journey from alcoholism and drugs  through the help of Alcohol Anonymous

17:35 – Greg’s upcoming program with Catherine Hoke with helping inmates improve their lives

18:25 – Real life realism from 10-million entrepreneur builders like Gregory Paul and Paul Gibbons

19:40 – Why Paul Gibbons resonates so much with people who have been in the prison

26:02 – Paul Gibbons talks about depression

31:44 – Importance of transparency

39:10 – Connect with Paul Gibbons

Tweetable Quotes:

  • I think there need to be more programs, more opportunities, more training to help these guys figure out what are the skillsets and what they can do. – Greg Paul
  • People do not realize that these people could be valuable members of society and community but they really need help. And they need people to give them the second chance. – Greg Paul
  • The emotional and social support from people that have been down as you, gone the same path as you is priceless. – Paul Gibbons
  • You can never want to bend the truth with anybody, especially to people who are helping you. – Greg Paul
  • You are sick as your secrets. – Paul Gibbons


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 Connect with Paul Gibbons:

Connect with Gregory Paul:

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