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After the loss of his business, his family, his home and his freedom Gregory Paul was left with nothing as he sat on the curb waiting for his friend to pick him up. All of his possessions were literally in two black duffle bags and he found himself living in a small apartment in Denver alone, depressed and broke.

He had to start over from scratch. He had to recreate himself and find out who he was and where he wanted to go. Through his years of trial and error, learning and self reflection he has resurrected himself and his career. He has become a powerful speaker, consultant, and coach. Now he looks to share his knowledge through his experiences and help others succeed.

Greg has been a career sales person, entrepreneur, and business creator most of his life. He is strong at figuring out problems and finding solutions. Certified in wellness, relationship and communication coaching he has helped hundreds of people.

Greg is a father to three amazing daughters, a son to two loving parents and a loyal partner to his future soon to be wife.

Greg is an active contributor to multiple blogs, podcasts and webinars. He is also a weekly volunteer at Project Angel Heart. Greg is also the former president of On Broadway Toastmasters 2016 and Toastmaster of the Year 2017. He is presently an active member of National Speakers Association in Colorado. He was also the former leader of the Prisoners Against Crime team.

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